Garage Door Maintenance

Call one of our expert technicians to assist you with garage door maintenance to ensure that your door is in great health and safe to use.

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At Garage Door Repair Fair Lawn we are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable and affordable garage door maintenance services that will assist you with keeping your doors in great shape, while ensuring that they can always be operated safely by you and your family. Maintenance on your doors is essential, and should be conducted annually at a minimum, so that you can always get the most out of your doors’ functionality and lifespan. So, if you would like professional assistance with the upkeep of your garage door at home, be sure to contact us for further information and assistance.Garage Door Maintenance

Opener and Garage Door Maintenance

Let us assist you with maintenance on your automatic openers as well as your doors on a regular basis to ensure that they are always in good health, enjoy an extended lifespan, and continually work to your expectations. Our technicians will see to the health of your motor with lubrication and replacements, and will ensure that your door is correctly supported and balanced for optimal performance, economical use of energy and safety.

Replacing Essential Parts

Springs, safety cables and bearings are but a few of the essential components associated with your doors that provide them with the stability, balance and safety that they need. These parts may become damaged or undermined during extensive use, and as a result need to be inspected and replaced when need be. If any of the parts of your electric door are in danger of failing or are acting up, let us see to them as part of our maintenance tasks.

Keep things Running Smoothly

Keeping your system properly lubricated is essential for ensuring that your doors and opener continue to operate seamlessly. Lubrication maintenance will ensure that your system’s smaller parts are not in danger of wearing from friction, which will help them last longer and perform better. Speak with one of our technicians if your doors are operating with too much noise or it has been some time since their parts have been lubricated.

Safety Feature Inspections and Repairs

Your door and opener’s safety features are essential for ensuring that your doors can be used without risk of injury to you or your family, and will also lessen the chance of damages being suffered to the door and your property. Have one of our technicians inspect and replace your system’s safety features such as springs, the opener’s reverse function and your garage door’s safety cable.

If you want to ensure that your door’s maintenance is handles in a timely and professional manner, be sure to contact one of our technicians today for more information on our garage door maintenance services, or advice on your doors.

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