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Don't let the springs get old

Garage door springs need replacement more frequently than other parts. They usually last for five to seven years depending on their type and daily use. Though, they can be dangerous if they snap and in this case the garage system will be useless. So, it's definitely best to replace them before they get old and break.

Clean well the tracks

Cleaning well the garage door tracks is critical for your safety and security. Dirty tracks will only obstruct the wheels from rolling properly and there's a high possibility that the door will jam. The door might even remain open or have a difficulty to open and such issues will create serious security gaps to your property.

Damage on garage door metal tracks

Listen to our experts in Fair Lawn who argue that any damage on your steel frame is to be treated seriously. Bumps and dents can be corrected using a hammer, but also go back to the pulleys to ensure that they have not been misaligned. Also, remember that constant hammering can damage the door’s foundation.

Make sure that all garage door parts are made from galvanized steel

This type of steel has been dipped in molten zinc, which gives it protective coating. This finish prevents air and water from getting into contact with the steel and therefore protects it from rust and corrosion. It is important that you do not clean the parts with any product that can damage the coating.

Check the fasteners regularly

Fasteners are crucial garage door parts. They are tiny but keep larger parts in place. Common problems related to them might make the door suspiciously noisy. If they get rusty, they should be replaced. To avoid such problems, make sure they are properly lubricated. It's also significant to tighten them well but don't overdo it.

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