Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Our company goes beyond repairing your garage doors. We make sure to provide you with a complete service for all your garage door needs, from repairs to installation and replacement of door parts. All our technicians are well-versed at providing services for any type of door, regardless of the model. They are also able to fix any kind of door part which might have broken down or have become worn out due to usage over time. So for all your door needs and even your door part needs, make sure to contact us and we will attend to your service needs right away.

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Effective Professional Spring Repair

It was super frustrating for me to lock my garage door to keep it closed so I turned to Garage Door Repair Fair Lawn for help. I liked how friendly and helpful the person on the phone was. I did not have to wait for long before I got help. When the technicians came to my house, they immediately tested the garage door spring and it turned out that it had too much tension. The professional adjusted it with great care and perfect precision. They worked in a very skillful manner and were very discreet too. The spring problem was resolved quite fast and everything went back to normal.

Brilliant Overhead Door Installation

I want to thank this company for providing the most comprehensive and perfect overhead garage door replacement service. They assisted me fully with the selection of a new unit. Without them, I would not have found my way round R-values, U-factors, layer designs and insulating materials. They explained everything thoroughly and provided truly invaluable advice. The technicians of Garage Door Repair Fair Lawn dismantled the old unit and installed the new one extremely quickly. They took care of everything from adding weather seals to adjusting the opener's limits. I can highly recommend this contractor for overhead door installation. Their service was impeccable.

Replaced our opener

“Our garage door wasn't working properly and I called this company to send out a technician. He spent some time looking over the door and made some tests and said that after 14 years, our opener needed to be replaced. He said that sometimes parts can be replaced but that ours was so old that we definitely needed a new one. We went along with his recommendation and in less than half an hour it seemed like we had a brand new door! It was so quiet and worked so smoothly that neither of us could believe it. We're extremely happy with the professional service and highly recommend this company for any sort of garage door repairs.”

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