Garage Door Maintenance Coming This Spring

Garage Door Maintenance Coming This Spring

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When the warm weather comes, it is time to give your overhead door the care that it needs to work optimally until the fall. The higher temperature and the sunshine will help you to perform various tasks more effectively. The important thing is to do everything required.

Inspection, Cleaning and More

The lower temperatures and the higher level of moisture may have caused considerable damage to the garage door parts and panels during the winter. That is why you should inspect the entire system carefully from top to bottom. You should pay close attention to the lower ends of the tracks. If they have been in contact with road salts for too long, they may have started to rust and require proper cleaning and fixing. Check all fasteners and bolts as well to confirm that they are in good condition and stay in place. Replace damaged bolts and ensure that there are no lose ones.

Garage Door Maintenance Coming This Spring in New JerseyAs part of the inspection, you should check the condition of the weather seals and of the bottom seal in particular. If the door got frozen during the winter, the protective strips may have taken damage. The bottom one is generally the most vulnerable. The best way to assess the condition of the seals is to get inside the garage when there is plenty of ambient light outside and close the door. If light comes through the edges, the strips must be replaced.

The spring is the best time for thorough cleaning of the door and for repainting the panels. It is best to use a solution of one cup of detergent and five gallons of water for the cleaning. Rub the garage door panels with a sponge and rinse them using the sponge as well. You should not spray the door with water. It is best to blot the excess water from the rinsing with cloth. Once the door is completely dry, you can repaint it. If you have a steel unit, you must confirm that its temperature is optimal for painting.

Use mild solvent to remove sticky dirt from the hardware components. Tracks can also be cleaned with a brake cleaner. After the components are clean, you can lubricate them. Remember that the metal rail or screw of the garage door opener requires lubrication as well.

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