Funny Story - My Last Garage DIY

Funny Story - My Last Garage DIY

Do it yourself repairs can be frustrating, costly and dangerous at times.

Nobody loves do it yourselfers more than the local handyman. That goes double for garage door repair servicemen. The simplest repairs can lead to major expenses and that’s ok with them. They don’t mind doing any size job for you.

So go ahead, join me in my debacles. I’ll share mine if you return the favor. This week I saw a program about how to reduce the electric bill. Most of the tasks were quite simple and efficient.

The one on overhead garage door maintenance included replacing the weather-stripping and oiling the rollers. Easy as pie, these were the words that sucked me in. you carefully take a crowbar and remove the trim piece and replace it with a new one. Check, got that.

Now oil the rollers and tracks. That seemed almost too simple, but I managed. By the end of the day, the totality of my accomplishments was astounding. My husband even appeared to be impressed.

A small problem did arise in the morning when the door opened but would not close again. It was stuck in that position. I called my handyman, and he said the tracks were most likely dirty. So clean them and try it again. Done, but the door didn’t move.

With wisdom abound, I decided to force the issue and manually pull it down

Big mistake – with a loud bang, the spring broke and just looking at it I knew it was beyond my talents. My dear hubby is so smart he didn’t say a word.

He called this company, and they were here within an hour. I have to say they worked fast. They replaced the torsion springs and the new trim strips I put in wrong. It seems I missed the tapered sections, and the materials did not meet the right specifications.

The cost was quite reasonable, and I will use a professional for remodeling, repairing or replacing my doors from now on. The worst part is admitting to me that what I thought I’d done correctly was all wrong. I'm definitely done with DIY.

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